Poetry Pamphlet Reviews & Features

Run by HappenStance Press

What is an OPOI? 

OPOI are short responses (up to 350 words) to pamphlets of poetry. A kind of a review, but not the usual kind.

Each one focusses on One Point Of Interest (OPOI). Read a couple and you’ll soon get the idea.

OPOIs don’t rate the publication as a whole. They just pick up on a single aspect that the reviewer found interesting.

There may be more than one OPOI for any pamphlet, each picking up on a separate point. There is no limit (theoretically) to how many there could be on any one publication. 

Two OPOIs are a conversation. Three are a hubbub. Four or more, a clamjamfrie. We encourage as many as possible.

OPOI reviews may not always praise, but they will treat your work with respect. They will not patronise or use a superior tone. 

We don’t do OPOIs for book-length poetry collections. Only pamphlets (upper limit 36 pages).

How to get a pamphlet OPOI-ed

If you would like an OPOI review for a pamphlet, it should normally be still in print and available for purchase (there are exceptions). It should have been published within the last two years (if in doubt about eligibility, send a message via the contact box to check).

(If the publication is self-published, you should be prepared to share a purchase price, and contact details that will allow potential readers to order a copy. These will be published on the review page.) 

Send a printed copy (not pdfs by email unless these are additional) to OPOI reviews, HappenStance, 21 Hatton Green, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4SD.

Keep an eye on the site. The OPOI should normally appear within six months of your sending it in. Sometimes it is much faster (and occasionally much slower).

How to write an OPOI review yourself

If you would like to write an OPOI for publication on this site (which is a GREAT idea by the way), choose a pamphlet you’ve read recently, and contact Nell via the contact box with your OPOI idea.

She will let you have the OPOI writing guidelines and give you every encouragement. No previous experience is necessary. You don’t even have to be a poet.