What are OPOI reviews?

These are short responses (up to 350 words) to pamphlets of poetry. A kind of a review, but not quite the usual kind.

Each one deals with only one point of interest (OPOI). Read a couple and you’ll soon get the idea.

There may be more than one OPOI for any publication. You can see how many there are in the header.

OPOIs don’t attempt to rate the publication as a whole. They just pick up on a single aspect that the reviewer found interesting. They may not always praise, but they will never patronise or use a superior tone. They will be respectful, and hopefully written in a lively, accessible way.

We don’t do OPOIs for book-length collections. Only pamphlets.

If you’re not sure whether your collection counts as a large pamphlet or a small book, email nell[at]happenstancepress.com. But normally a pamphlet is no longer than 40 pages, and most are significantly shorter.

Pamphlets in prose (short story or essay) may also be OPOI-ed here, though the main focus will be poetry.

If you’d like a pamphlet OPOI-ed, it will normally be in print and available for purchase at the time of writing. Send a copy to OPOI reviews, HappenStance, 21 Hatton Green, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4SD.

If you would like to write an OPOI for publication on this site (which is a GREAT idea by the way), choose a pamphlet you’ve read recently, and contact nell [at] happenstancepress.com with your one point of interest idea.