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The joy of rhyming

Pray readers dutifully prime
Geoff Lander’s chimes on science
And hear him beautifully rhyme
Dissecting the subject’s giants.

Relearning how to use his hand
In metrical composition,
G. Lander came to understand
His talent’s disposition.

Volumetrically he frames
(With wit and rhyme and précis)
History’s most engaging names
Like Maxwell, Strutt and Davy.

Reading Lander is to grasp
The likes of Mendeleyev,
Learning science as you laugh.
We joyously quote at length:

Spare a thought for argon gas,
feeling so neglected.
It had to wait for ages
before balances detected

a different weight for nitrogen
(obtained from a reaction)
than that from air around us.
So ― using liquefaction ―

Ramsay chased the ancient lead
and recent tip from Strutt
and found the gas (though hunkered down
on charcoaled coconut).

Rhyming ‘crystallography’
Is always quite demanding
And here: ‘risky photography’
Had this audience upstanding.

Peter Burnett