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I notice you had the brilliant idea of combining your blog with Jamie McGarry of Valley Press, as part of your official ‘betrothal’. Also I noticed that both you and I blogged further on our websites to explain the process and policy of dealing with submissions after our panel event at the Poetry Book Fair earlier this year. How important do you think blogging is in terms of promoting the imprint and selling the publications?

It’s difficult to tell if blogging translates into sales, but I think it’s definitely very important for my business. When I search for a company online and they have a rarely-updated website and no social media presence, I’m sceptical about that company because they’re clearly sceptical about the power of the internet.

I think we’re moving away from the faceless supremacy of big organisations and people now want to see the inner workings of businesses. It’s not in my interests to pretend I’m a flawless, super-efficient book droid – I’m a periodically exhausted, occasionally inspired young woman who wants to have a fulfilling job and personal life. The ‘engagement’ with Valley Press was part of this very human approach to business, and I think both Jamie and I like blogging because it allows us to show people what we actually do on a day-to-day basis, as well as airing our opinions. I hope this means people feel more invested in our business and more likely to buy our books.