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Chris Emery at Salt Publishing once believed one could make a business of selling poetry – that it could be commercially viable. Now the statement on the Salt website says: We are happy to receive fiction submissions from your agent. Please note, we do not publish poetry (adult or children's), biography or autobiography, plays or non-fiction. What makes you think this won’t happen to you?

We’ve just launched a call for prose pamphlet submissions, which is part of my plan to find new audiences for my poets. The prose pamphlets will join the existing series of Emma Press Pamphlets, which is currently just poetry, so I’m hoping that people who like the prose pamphlets will be tempted to explore the rest of the series. I think poetry will always form an important part of our list, but I don’t think poetry will provide our first best-selling title, and nor should it have to. I think that as long as I focus on creating a strong, profitable business I shouldn’t have to hack off any metaphorical limbs.